Our Story

Where stars align

Glazebrook wines pay homage to Garry Glazebrook, the landowner who founded the original company in 1981.

Today, Glazebrook is all about location, location, location.  It is an amalgamation of our unique cool coastal climate, growing season, harvest and winemaking to create an expression of harmonious perfection.  The coordinates 041°S 174°E represent where these elements collide to create our award-winning wine.

They come together here in this incredible place enabling our specialist winemaking team to create delicious and exciting wines ready for sharing with friends.

Our vision is to connect others to our special place through the beauty and magic captured in our Glazebrook wines.

Grown and crafted where stars align, Glazebrook is a destination found in every glass.

New Zealand Winegrowing

New Zealand is a world-renowned wine growing region with a temperate maritime climate and free-draining alluvial soils. 

Coupled with a long growing season, this provides excellent conditions for maximum flavour development. 

Cool nights and warm days retain acidity which leads to fresh and vibrant fruit character that is highly characteristic of sort after New Zealand styles.

Glazebrook Coordinates

Marlborough Wine Region

Located at the top of the South Island, Marlborough has perfect conditions for producing cool climate styles. 

Marlborough is one of New Zealand’s sunniest and driest places with a long growing season and strong diurnal variation creating wines with high acidity to balance the full flavour and intense varietal characters.

Cable Station Road Vineyard

Our Cable Station Road vineyard is an area of outstanding natural beauty located in the Awatere Valley of Marlborough, New Zealand with sustainable winegrowing practices at the core of our grape-growing.

The ripening process here is unrivalled for Sauvignon Blanc with long, uninterrupted sunshine by day and cool, crisp air under dazzling stars by night.  Here at 041°S 174°E, the air is whistle clean and the water is crystal clear.  The undulating land has views of snow-capped mountains and lies next to New Zealand’s only salt-lake, making this mineral influenced, cool climate wine balanced with a softness unique to Glazebrook. 

The unspoiled soils are free-draining and overlay a gravely subsoil, all within sight of the wild Pacific Ocean.  Invigorating winds travel off the waves keeping the vines bright and fruit immaculate.  These cooling conditions keep our grape berries small and harvest yield naturally low which creates a unique intensity and purity of fruit flavour.  The sheer rawness of the landscape is translated into a zesty lemon, lime and grapefruit fanfare, mouth-watering passionfruit and juicy tropical fruit notes with herbal undertones.

Find us at 041°02’3”S 174°08’13”E

Winemaking philosophy

Glazebrook wines are stylish and elegant, made to complement your lifestyle and share with friends.

Our exceptionally experienced winemaking team combines the result of wild elements, unique land attributes and climate from this single vineyard to deliver extraordinary flavour and a destination in every glass.


Glazebrook is part of Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand with the minimisation of environmental impact at the core of our viticultural and winemaking philosophy. 

New projects are continuously being developed to ensure continual improvement.  Our winery underwent a multi-million-dollar upgrade designed to maximise energy efficiency in 2007 and has been certified with ISO 14001 since 1998.  

1SO 14001 is an environmental management system which recognises our ongoing commitment to sustainable viticulture and winemaking practices.

Sharing and pairing

Glazebrook is perfect for sharing with friends and pairing with your favourite bites.  Stylish, cool and elegant, Glazebrook seamlessly complements your entertaining space.

The wine oozes deliciousness and zing!

Why not try pairing with some simple crostinis with your favourite topping or serve with some sustainably sourced oysters for a special occasion. Delicious!

Please drink responsibly